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Day 5 of being B/P free

4 consecutive days of being B/P free! :) today is day 5! :)


First walk

Went for a long walk after being Binge purge free for 3 days. I just wanted to keep walking and walking every step I felt stronger like I was walking away from bulimia and stamping on her every step xxxxx


3rd day of not throwing up :)

My 3rd day of being binge and sick free xxxxx


B/P free

I achieve an entire day b/p free! And went for a walk after dinner and meditated before bed. First in a long time!


I ate dinner

I was planning on skipping and was terrified - I also followed with a bowl of ice cream... This is big for me I think I am proud :)


chasing my dreams

I had a very serious case of anorexia from the age of 12. I was a complete mess and it looked (for me) that I had ruined my football career. my body just began to shut down. But now after four and half years, with the help and support of amazing doctors, and medical staff, family and friends, who have dragged me through, I now have my England trials back,I start my football scholarship in USA soon


no binge

I did it !!! First day!! Feels so amazing <3


notion of re realisation

I have reached a moment of wanting to not shield myself or feelings



Managed to take all my potassium yesterday


Ate breakfast!

Had a bacon sandwich AND cereal without feeling bad. :)




Didnt b/p all day!

First time in a while :)


maintained my weight!!

have stabilised weight!


Not self harmed

In 2 months!!!!


Spoke to someone at Beat

I used the one to one service on Beat's website to speak to someone about my eating disorder after being in denial for 18 months. It is the first step to my recovery and i feel so proud that i finally managed to admit it.


I bought size 8 clothes

I find buying for my new body shape hard because I feel ashamed and I bought a top that I liked just because I like it.


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