How to create your own Podcasts

If you've never made a Podcast before, why not have a go and produce one for My Personal Best? You can download the software online for free! And also use resources where you can get useful information, as well as inspire the creation of podcast projects. In this way, you will create quality scenarios, and by engaging https://qualitycustomessays.com improve them with relevant contextual notes.

The subject matter of your Podcast should keep with the ethos of this website - you can interview people in your area to ask them what they think self-esteem is, what they do to boost their self esteem or it can focus on something creative or educational like a group activity or tips that you've seen in the 'Staying Healthy' section of the website.

My Personal Best volunteer, Jenny Yuen, has produced these guidelines for producing your own podcasts. Try them out and send your Podcasts to [email protected] - we'll upload them here for others to listen to. Click here to download the How to make a podcast.pdf guide.

Mental Health Foundation podcasts

The Mental Health Foundation has launched its new website - check out their excellent range of mental health well-being podcasts here and download them for whenever you need a boost.

Group activity podcast

Fancy doing a group activity to boost your sense of well-being? Listen to this podcast and get cracking! You'll need pens, paper and a group of friends:

Jenny Yuen - MPB podcast Feb 2011.mp3

Thank you to My Personal Best volunteer, Jenny Yuen, for creating this podcast.

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