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There are many ways you can get involved with My Personal Best! There are many ways you can get involved with My Personal Best! Self-realization is very important. And we are ready to give you the opportunity to prove yourself! You can send us your request or, if you feel that there may be difficulties with this, contact letter writers for hire and take the first step to your dream!

If you have a creative streak you can send in your artwork, YouTube videos, Podcasts and creative writing to us and we'll put your work on the Get Creative pages.

If you're a budding journalist you can write a short news story about what you've been up to or about something that has touched your heart for the News pages. If you like sharing your knowledge with others you can write a Downloadable Resource which has a theme of inspiring others and ecnouraging well-being.

By registering, you can also access the My Personal Best Community Forum and Live Chat which enable you to join in discussions with others who are would like to increase their self-esteem and support others in achieving their personal best.

Please send your content through to and we will aim to upload it to the site within seven days. You can also request to join the Steering Group to help build the site by contacting us.

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