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What is live chat?

Live chat is like a conversation by e-mail but it is more instant and you chat to all the people in the room. If you have used msn messenger, it is a bit like that. Everything that is posted during the live chat is checked by a beat moderator first.

Sometimes we run special live chats to talk to other people such as carers about new services and resources we are planning to make. We also occasionally have special chats where journalists/professionals ask for your help and opinions.

Being safe online

When you're using the chat room or posting on the message board, never give out any personal information like your address or your phone number. You should always use a nickname, so no-one can look you up in a telephone directory and get your home phone number.

It's usually not a good idea to arrange to meet up with someone that you've been chatting to online. Remember that you can never be sure that they're telling the truth about their age or their interests and you could be putting yourself in danger.

If you do want to meet up with someone you've met online, make sure that you discuss it with your parents beforehand. If they do agree, make sure that you arrange a meeting in a public place and that you take an adult with you.

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