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My Personal Best is co-ordinated by Beat and a steering group of young volunteers who are passionate about helping other young people to boost their self-esteem and raise awareness of mental health issues. Why raise awareness? Because such problems should not be taboo, mental health should be talked about, not be intimidated into silence! If you feel that you are not knowledgeable enough in this topic, buy term papers online to be able to discuss this topic and, if possible, also volunteer, because it is very important. Here's a bit about them! More bios to follow...


Likes: Technology, Slush Puppies, Helping others

Dislikes: Onions, Bullying, Paperwork

Hello, i'm Alec - a very average IT guy in my day job and a passionate superhero (sort of) MPB Moderator & Steering Group Member by night. I live in a secret hideaway somewhere in the middle of nowhere really. I really really really like helping people and generally talking, in fact it's quite hard to shut me up!


Likes: saying wow alot, her dog, owls, cleaning and vintage clothes

Dislikes: being hot, ignorant and rude people and mess.
I'm Amanda although you can call me Andi :). I am currently studying Psychology and counselling at university with the career goal of becoming a therapist. I became involved in volunteering after I suffered quite badly from mental health issues. I would like to help people in anyway I can as we are never alone in this. I live by quotes which always guide me and to remember that whenever life is tough theres always a solution. I love fashion and would like to own a boutique in Paris. Living on my own for the first time I've come to realise that life is what you make it but not without the continuing love and support of family and friends. "hope is the only love of life"


Likes: Music (playing and listening), gardening, and friends. 

Dislikes: Judgementalism, rudeness and horror movies.

My name is Angharad and I'm twenty two years old.  I'm currently taking an interruption of study from reading Law at university.  In the meantime, I am studying Spanish, art, carrying out various voluntary work and hoping to soon join a local Church choir.  I absolutely love being involved with My Personal Best; it is such an exciting thing to be part of, to raise awareness of mental health, to break stigmas and to help people who are experiencing similar difficulties. 


Likes: Anything with an engine, cooking for others, playing and listening to music.

Dislikes: Buses running late, long journeys, insects (mainly spiders!)

Hi! My name is Dominique, and by day I work for Ofsted, in their call centre. I enjoy helping people, as well as giving advice on my own personal experiences. I also help to run a local youth club, where I am a sessional support worker. I hold a degree in Biomedicine and am currently studying for a BA(Hons) in Business and Economics.


I'm about to go to the University of Exeter to study psychology. I hope to become a clinical psychologist in the future with a music therapist as a fallback. I did okay on results day. I've got a driving test on Friday which I just laugh about when I think about it - going to fail so so badly!! =P I sing, play piano, play steel drums and I'm currently teaching myself to play the alto saxophone which is going well. I work as an exam invigilator, receptionist, party host at a childs play centre and function waitress for weddings so have been very very busy!! And I do a lot of writing :)


Likes: Music, photography, sunshine and her gorgeous cat, Sweep

Dislikes: Wasps, parsnips, the colour grey.

Hi my name is Jess; I live in a village in the country side. I am also a VIK for Young Minds and I am very pleased to be part of My Personal Best! :-)

Rachel Lauren

Likes: reading, fashion and strawberry laces

Dislikes: judgement, stigma and my home town

My name is Rachel Lauren and I am 24 years old. I currently work full time for a media company working with various languages. I have a degree in french and German and a MA in magazine journalism - I'd love to be a journalist! I'm currently doing an open uni degree in counselling - I'm a geek at heart! I was a beat young ambassador for six years. I travelled in Australia for six months and would like to do more travelling.

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