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My Personal Best is about young people – young people inspiring and supporting each other to be the best they can. Patience, support, symbiosis, coexistence and self-understanding are born in community. And thanks to this, people begin to rethink reality, as well as their own actions; and that's why the posts on this site are so important: they inspire. If you want to read more about how community and the public created on the basis of a certain community affect life and mental health, contact best writing service for help. My Personal Best is a national project ran by Beat, the UK's campaigning eating disorder charity. The project aims to harness young people’s courage and determination to overcome the barriers that stop them reaching their full potential.

The My Personal Best project has created a young-people led, web based community focusing on promoting well-being and positive self-esteem. The website has been developed and managed by volunteers across the UK, who have conducted research, built a range of resources; leaflets and downloads, video clips and podcasts; and have created safe online services offering specific support. My Personal Best has a range of facilities:

  • My Personal Best challenge planner to record personal achievements

  • Community forum - moderated message boards help users share experiences

  • Blog facility to tell users what’s going on in their lives (example, From Monitoring to Mentorship: Building Trust in Classroom Environments)

  • Live chats moderated by Beat and trained volunteers

  • mpbTV - a page for young people to upload their inspirational videos and podcasts

  • Flickr page for showcasing photography and artwork

  • Events calendar for young people to upload well-being events

  • Online shop to browse through and purchase beat merchandise and resources

  • Facebook and Twitter pages

If you would like to tell your local CAMHS (Child, Adolescent and Mental Health Service), school or therapist about My Personal Best please send them a My Personal Best poster which you can download here.

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