Downloadable resources

Below you'll find a number of resources that My Personal Best volunteers have written on a range of topics designed to help you boost your self esteem. Download the PDFs, print them out and have a read of them when you're in need of a lift!

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Searching for inspiration

We understand how important it is now to have inspiration, as well as free time and the desire to work in order to create a job or simply study. And that is why we advise you academic writing services that you will want to rely on in a difficult moment.

The importance of positive self esteem

Our volunteer has written an article on why having positive self esteem is so important to your life. Download the PDF here!

The importance of positive self esteem

Exercising safely

In moderation, exercise is good for the body and mind. It relieves stress and helps release endorphins to help you feel good about yourself. But like anything that is not done in moderation, too much or too little exercise can be damaging to your health. Read these 'Safe exercising' tips from volunteer, Kelly, to get some advice on exercising safely.

Click here to download the Exercising Safely PDF.

How to believe that you are not a failure

Are you struggling to believe you are not just a big FAIL, FAIL, FAIL? You are not alone. Many people struggle with feeling like a failure, but with a little bit of support and help, you can find the strength to realise you are not at all!

Download our volunteer's advice on how to fight the negative feelings that creep up on all of us from time to time.

Download advice on how to stop believing you're a failure

Building Confidence

Confidence is really important as it will give you increased self-esteem, self-belief and good emotional wellbeing.

There are many things you can do to build your confidence, download our 'Building Confidence Advice Sheet' to give you help and support. Pass on what you learn to others too if you have found it useful.

Download our confidence advice sheet


Going for an interview can be a daunting experience, worrying about your appearance, what to say and how to sell yourself can mean you feel under pressure before you even walk in the room.

Download our 'Interviews and Dealing with Rejection Advice Sheet' to give you help and support. Pass on what you learn to others if you have found it useful. 

Download our interviews advice sheet

Boosting low self esteem

If you have low self esteem things can be a struggle. We asked Young People for suggestions on how to boost self esteem from their experiences. There are some great ideas so download the sheet and try some out!

Download 30 self esteem boosting tips

Download more self esteem boosting tips

Understanding stress

If you are feeling "aaaaarrrgghh" the chances are you might be stressed. Read our advice sheet on stress to help you understand and combat it.

Download our Stress advice sheet

Coping techniques

When you're feeling stressed or anxious life can seem pretty overwhelming and you may find it difficult to cope. Follow the creative ideas of our volunteers on how to stay positive when the going gets tough.

Download our coping techniques sheet

Create your own Affirmation Box

Follow our volunteer's step-by-step guide on building an Affirmation Box to fill with positive thoughts. And don't be afraid to be as wacky and creative as you like when decorating yours!

Download advice on how to build your own Affirmation Box

An Emergency Box

Create yourself a box of items to help you through difficult times. Becky has written an advice sheet on how to do it!

Download The emergency box advice sheet

Lower your anxiety

A volunteer has written about an exercise that helped her lower her anxiety. You can download it below.

Download an anxiety reducing exercise

Three point turn for healthy self esteem

Follow Mridula's tips to improve your self esteem in all areas of your life.

Three point turn for healthy self esteem

How to tackle exam stress

Life can be stressful enough at the best of times! Take control when you're preparing for your exams with tips from one of our volunteers on revision, looking after yourself and keeping your cool during busy exam periods. 

Click here for practical tips on how to revise and organise yourself to help you tackle exam stress.

Click here for healthy ways to relax whilst revising for exams.

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