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I have eating disorder.. I think I need help!


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I am bulimic.. It all started 3 months ago and i've been forcing myself to vomit what i eat everyday.. Sometimes once a day sometimes after every single meat, i lost way too many kilograms now i became so bony that my parents are way too worried, i became anorexic as well now i refuse to eat and whenever anyone tell me to eat i start getting mad and angry. If i feel hungry i hide food in my room and eat large amounts and then either spit it or vomit. Some days i barely eat and other days i vomit.. I have a very low BMI, my clothes are bigger now, and i have amenorrhea, i need help but i'm afraid of gaining weight ..i go nuts if i gain any pound! I thought i was okay and i looked okay despite what everyone said until today i looked myself in the mirror and wanted to cry when i saw how bony i am!

Posted on January 01, 2015 at 10:30 PM
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