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An Australian Update

Sorry for forgetting to update you all again!

I am currently a sunburnt Rachel AGAIN! You would think I would be used to the sun by now but no, I stupidly burnt my shoulders yesterday. I know you're all freezing in the UK but I am finding this heat too much to bear! It is very humid here so I constantly feel like I need a shower and cant be bothered to do anything!

There is so much to fill you all in on:

My house had a party for Christmas although it just totally felt wrong - I mean I decorated our tree in a bikini! We had fake snow on our windows and I drew a Snowman. My friends and family sent me Christmas cards and three friends sent me a photo of them in the snow holding a sign saying Merry Christmas from South Shields! One of the sweetest things someone has done for me. Little things like this make me happy as I am always worried that I will be forgotten!

I went to New Zealand for Christmas and stayed at my auntie and uncles farm. There are cows and hens; I ate fresh eggs, peas and courgettes from the garden and fresh fish that my cousins friend caught whilst spear fishing! It was lovely relaxing after working so much in the run up to Christmas.

Christmas Day was spent in Auckland at my aunties sisters house. We had a BBQ and went to the beach. My mam says my family are throwing me Christmas again when I come home so I will have a cold Christmas ableit in April!

I returned to Sydney on the 29th where there was lots of people staying! My cousin and his friend from Melbourne had come to stay as had my stepbrother and his two friends who have been travelling in Asia. So we had a big night out then! New Years Eve was amazing - we went to a nearby park where you were allowed to take alcohol. There we watched the firework displays from the Sydney Harbour Bridge :)

I hope 2011 is going to be a good year. I believe it to be as I know I have changed whilst here in Australia. I am learning to be a stronger version of myself and I am completely over my ex boyfriend :) that needs a celebration in itself!!

I went to a free festival the other week then ended up in a bar, dancing my socks off with my free ANZ light up fan from the festival! How random.

Work is quiet at the moment - although I have two training sessions soon - so mostly been at the beach, shopping, sunbathing, reading and going out! It was a friends birthday on Saturday and Friday I met with a girl also from England who is travelling - we are meeting tomorrow too! 

I also had another week work experience at Marie Claire which I enjoyed just as much as last time, although this time I ended up with bruises after moving their entire archive of Marie Claire from 1995!

Lots coming up - I have volunteered to help with the floods which i am sure you have heard about. It is very sad.

Its Australia Day next week; then I am celebrating my birthday a week early as we are away the weekend of my birthday. Yep that is right I am turning 24 - my second last year of being a Beat Young Ambassador :( sad times!



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