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My first days at Beat!

Hello again, you’ll be pleased  to know I’m still here and entering  my 3rd week at Beat. Strangely, due to the  bank holidays I still haven’t worked a full week and the time is flying by. I’ve been to my first team meeting which gave me a great insight into Beat’s work and what I will be focusing on over the next few months – all very exciting!  I am starting to work on the Young Ambassadors scheme and organising the next training day that will be happening in June or July in London – I might even see some of you there!

I am part of a very friendly team, led by Francis Burrows, that includes, Lawrence Brown, Leila Lahfa, and Emma Roper- you may have met some of them before. It’s great to be part of such a busy and creative team and I’m looking forward to some interesting times ahead. The teams dedication goes as far as taking part in lots of sponsored events – Francis is doing the London to Brighton bike ride and Leila is doing a 10K run,  and I might just join her! Anything but a parachute jump!


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