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Friends, Australia Day and birthdays

Hello! Yes this is very on time for me to be writing for My Personal Best but I figured since I only have six weeks left in Australia I had best be more organised in telling you about my life here!

I have still had no shifts at my job but have been to training for L’Oreal Paris as I will be promoting a new hair range and today I am learnt all about a new range from Revlon, with free goodies for me!

I have been socialising quite a lot recently. The other weekend I was out twice with my new friend Vanessa who is also from the uk. We got talking via Twitter and last weekend I went out with her and her friends from here and back home. As per usual on the way to meet her I got chatted up by a weirdo in the train station! I need to learn to being so polite and not stop to talk back to them!

Last Tuesday we went out to celebrate my cousin’s friend’s birthday. The next day was Australia Say which was exciting for me as we don’t have an equivalent in the UK. From the afternoon we went to Clevelly, which is a beach and had a BBQ and drinks with friends on the hill and went for a swim in the sea. It was mad drinking in my bikini and just feeling completely happy. I even stayed out longer than my cousin and house mate so maybe I am finally accepting that my cousin’s friends are my friends too.

This was also apparent on Saturday night when nine of my cousin’s friends came out for my early birthday celebrations! I had such a good evening, although it was weird not being out celebrating with my friends from home but they have said we are celebrating again when I am back. I woke up on Sunday still drunk which obviously means I had a good night! Also people have been giving me compliments on my photos from the night out and I realised that for once I really liked the way I look and could appreciate that I looked pretty.

I have learned a lot from my time in Australia and I think it was the best thing for me to do. I needed to be away from the expectations of my home town and my ex boyfriend to realise that a) I do not need to live up to their expectations because I have already achieved so much more with my life than they ever will; b) people who gossip about me are just jealous and c) I deserve a hell of a lot more than the way I allowed my ex to treat me. Let’s hope I  put my new and wise realisations into practise when I am back in South Shields!


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