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Introducing Me, Myself and I :-)

Wow! it's been over a month now since I joined beat! does time fly or what?

My name is Sian, I joined the Welsh-bit of beat, beat Cymru, as  Project Officer.

I have never worked for a charity before.  When I saw the post advertised it struck a chord immediately!  I suffered with an eating disorder as a teenager, and although I have been recovered now for many years (I'm not going to be more specific - otherwise you'll know that I am now 34!!!!!!!!!), I still find it difficult to talk about, particularly with people who don't really understand.

When I researched beat, before applying for the post, it was a truly eye-opening experience, I was awestruck... reading about the work they do, their wonderful volunteers, the support for carers... so many amazing people. 

I knew that if something like beat had exsisted when I went through it, it would have helped so much!  Looking back I can see I was lucky to have a supportive (if ill-informed) family and a supportive boyfriend (who is now my lovely husband!).

I also knew, that I wanted this post! I wanted to help others to see that Eating Disorders CAN be beaten and I wanted to be there for people who have been through, what I have been through...

And my first month...?  I can't stop smiling :-)

Sian x


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