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Working for beat and My Personal Best

Well this is the first entry on the blog, I feel honoured! Many of you will know me as I am the person who emails you daily (hopefully that's not too annoying) and goes on and on about the new My Personal Best site. Well I'm not going to apologise for that fact (although I will say sorry if all the emails have in fact becoming rather irritating) because I think this website is fab!

Many of you are familiar with the work that beat does and have probably wondered what My Personal Best has to do with beat. Well it's simple... everyone everyday does something great. It  may not be a huge task like running a marathon or swimming the channel, it may something as simple as going out for dinner, making a new friend or starting a new course but this website is here to celebrate those achievements and recognise that achieving your personal best is something worth celebrating.

I really hope you will all enjoy using this site and get lots out of it. If you would like to volunteer to help run this website (blogging, moderating chats, making forum topics, uploading videos and lots more!) then please contact me on

That's all for now - the next installment of the blog will be from another staff member of beat

Ta ta!



Posted by Beckyy on
It's not annoying!!!!! =]
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