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My Personal Best Event!

My Personal Best is amazing, as you guys all know! However we wanted to celebrate in style and throw a celebration event! We all went to Chelsea, London, to the event hosted by Beat and Body Gossip. We shed tears (over the monologues) followed by much more laughter, and it truly was a day we will never forget! Beat really went that extra mile and invited  Nikki Grahame, Zaraah Abrahams and Mikyla Dodd along to read out the monologues written by some of the Beat ambassadors and MBP volunteers. Everyone was so touched by each one, each one written with such emotion and personality. It was a moment to remember.

The event itself was held in Petyt Hall in Chelsea, just by the embankment, such a beautiful setting. The day started when we all met in the hall, so, who attended? There were a few MBP volunteers along with the rest of the Beat gang, and lots of Beat Ambassadors too!

Body Gossip’s presence was huge, Ruth and Natasha wearing their BODY GOSSIP t-shirts, with their big friendly smiles. Hannah (the main event organizer and full time MBP volunteer) was there. Seriously – well done Hannah you are such a star, and we all think you did such an amazing job, you put so much effort into Saturday , so thank you, thank you, thank you!

Before the monologues were performed, Body Gossip showed the – ‘This One Is For You’ video, which is absolutely amazing so if any of you haven’t seen it, check it out on you tube or on their website! It’s a MUST SEE!

We were given some flip cams, and filmed the monologues being performed, so perhaps you may see them at some point! We also did some other ‘general’ filming, by general filming I mean, spontaneous silliness. We went to explore the garden... then Hannah brought out lots of bottles of bubbles, so you can only begin to imagine the fun we had with those!

We also were provided with a lovely afternoon tea, sammies, and cakes. (Pret!) We then went on to talk about the future of MBP, which is really sad to think it may end, but we are adamant it won’t. We have some keen ideas to help MBP live on – so watch this space!

We then went onto receive lovely gifts and inside contained lots of goodies, my favorite was the Beat balloon, which we had plenty of giggles over; again, that is on film! I really hope that the videos get uploaded because they are sure to make you smile.

I think I am speaking on behalf of everyone who went on Saturday, we all had the most amazing time, some of the volunteers travelled from far and for those who did, it was such an achievement! I think everyone should be really proud of the role they took part in on Saturday, no matter how big or small because everyone made it special for each other, and without you all it would never had happened.

So, thank you to Beat, Body Gossip, Nikki Grahame, Zaraah Abrahams, Mikyla Dodd and thank you to YOU.


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